October 5, 2019 Dr. Janet Taylor

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The Divine is always within…

When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’s important to take a breath and recognize your center. Where there is pain, there is also joy and the ability to find the silver lining in a difficult situation can be sourced from faith or belief in a higher power.

No. A complete sentence.

Self-care is an individual strategy that begins with being able to set and stick to boundaries which allow you to not only have “me time” but is a sustainable practice of putting yourself first. Stop saying No to other people and begin to say Yes to yourself.

Breathe. Connect with every breath.

A deep inhalation when feeling stressed or overwhelmed is a terrific way to get your mind, body and spirit back into balance. Learn to take at least five deep breaths from within your core, slowly and deliberately inhaling the strength of the universe and exhaling out your tension is a terrific stress-buster.


Learning from our disappointments and/or failures can be enlightening when we pay attention to the process. Be willing to reframe a negative mindset by continuing to move towards your goals with positive steps and knowing that you are not alone.